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Sunday, June 19, 2011

valuable information

Please don't delete this without forwarding.
Let it reach the 110 Crore Indians.
Kindly, share this valuable information with others.

1. If you see children begging anywhere in INDIA, please contact:
"RED SOCIETY" at 9940217816. They will help the children for their studies, food, welfares, etc.

Where you can search for any BLOOD need, you will get thousands of donors addresses at:

Engineering Students can register in/at to attend Off Campus for 40 Companies.

Free Education and Free hostel for Handicapped/Physically challenged children.
Contact: 9842062501 & 9894067506.

If anyone met with fire accident or people born with problems in their ear, nose and mouth, can get free PLASTIC SURGERY done by Kodaikanal�� PASAM Hospital from 23rd March to 4th April by German Doctors.
Everything is free. Contact : 045420-240668, 245732
"Helping Hands are Better than Praying Lips!"

If you find any important documents like Driving license, Ration card, Passport, Bank Pass Book, etc., lost by someone, simply put them into any near by Post Boxes. They will reach the owner and awards may be collected from them.

By the next 10 months, our earth will become 4 degrees hotter than what it is now. Our Himalayan glaciers are melting at a rapid rate. So let all of us lend our hands to fight GLOBAL WARMING.
- Plant more Trees.
- Don't waste Water & Electricity.������
- Don't use/burn Plastics

8. It costs $38 Trillion to create OXYGEN for 6 months for all Human beings on earth.
"Respect them and Save them!"

9.�� Special phone number for Eye bank and Eye donation: 044 28281919 and 044 28271616 (Sankara Nethralaya Eye Bank). For More information about how to donate eyes plz visit these sites.

Heart Surgery free of cost for children (0-10 yr) at Sri Valli Baba Institute, Banglore. 10.
Contact : 9916737471

Medicine for Blood Cancer!
'Imitinef Mercilet' is a medicine which cures blood cancer. Its available free of cost at "Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai." Create Awareness. It might help someone.
Cancer Institute
in Adyar, Chennai,
East Canal Bank Road, Gandhi Nagar
Chennai - 600020
Landmark: Near Michael School
044-24910754 044-24910754 , 044-24911526 044-24911526 , 044-22350241 044-22350241

If you have a function/party at your home in India and food gets wasted, don't hesitate to call 1098 (only in India ) - Its not a Joke, this is the number of Child helpline.
They will come and collect the food.

Please circulate this message which can help feed many children.


Please Save Our Mother Nature for



5 Resume Mistakes to avoid - Very Useful.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t nepotism, sycophancy or even a bribe; it’sa small document called the Curriculum Vitae, or Resume. Even though most of us recognise the importantance of a resume, we don’t carve out enough time to give our resume the attention it deserves. Often, CVs are shoddy, incomplete, irrelevant and, sometimes, downright hilarious.

Here are five mistakes you need to avoid to make sure your CV is a winner.

Mistake 1: Writing too much

“Length is the biggest problem, with most CVs often being a minimum of three pages. I once receive da CV that was 11 pages long,” says Purvi Seth, vice president ofShilputsi Consultants, a human resources development firm.

More often than not, literary aspirations come tend to the fore when one iswriting a CV; people end up filling pages and pages of details. Thosewho can’t find enough details to fill the pages write the same thingover and over again, in different styles, words and jargon.

A prospective employer faces two choices when he or she takes the firstlook at such a CV — hit the delete button or hire a professional copyeditor to cut the chaff and find relevant matter. BTW, even though copyeditors come cheap these days, employers prefer the former. So: i.Keep it short; ideally, a CV should not go beyond two pages at most.However, if your achievements are really great, one extra page is negotiable. ii. Keep it sweet, i e relevant.

Anything more than that and your CV will make a beeline for the paper shredder.

Mistake 2: Writing too little

If it isn’t one, it’s the other. Consider this CV:

‘Worked as product manager for HLL between July 2000 and September 2003.’

Does it indicate anything besides the fact that the person worked for HLL?

Fancy designations do little to explain the kind of work you might have done.

So,in your enthusiasm to adhere to the guidelines in Mistake 1, don’t forego your job responsibilities and details about the company or the department you worked for.

The above should read:

‘Worked as product manager, between July 2000 and September 2003, for the colour cosmetics division of HLL, a premier FMCG company in India, witha turnover of Rs 2614.07 crore.

‘Job responsibilities included overseeing the operations of the department comprising 10 sales managers, setting targets for the team, keeping track of market trends and coordinating between the production,logistics and sales functions.

‘Under my supervision, the department posted an annual growth of 40 percent.’

This gives an indication about the kind of work the applicant has done and his/ her achievement. However, beware of going overboard with thedetails of your job responsibilities.

“One of the applicants was looking for an administrative job, and housekeeping was one of the functions. The CV mentioned ‘making surethe toilet bowls remain clean’, as one of the job responsibilities,”laughs Seth.

Mistake 3: Irrelevant details

Does it matter to your prospective employer if your eyes are blue and if you belong to thevaishnav gotra of the Brahmin caste?

Chance sare it doesn’t, unless you are applying for a job that depends on your physical attributes or you are penning down a CV for matrimonial purposes.

Similarly,your star sign, details of family members, list of affiliations to hobby clubs (unless they complement your profession in some way),height, weight, colour of your hair and eyes, complexion and otherdetails are of no consequence to the prospective employer.

Ditch these and use the space to highlight your achievements, your strengthsand your qualifications. The latter needs to be to the point. Forexample, your latest education and degrees are the ones that matter,not your kindergarten marks. So, be stingy here — include whatmatters, trash what doesn’t.

“I have seen CVs that included details of grandfathers and their professions too. One person had also included his blood group in theCV. These facts make no difference to the employer at all,” says Seth.

“Some of them also add their body statistics. This can be entirely done away with unless you are in the showbiz or airline industry.

“Another mistake I have noticed in many CVs is that people mention their religion. This is unnecessary unless the job is for candidates of a specific religion only,” says Tushar Guha, managing director ofNrityanjali, an institute for personality development and management services.

Mistake 4: The information flow

Most people start with their birth date and list everything in chronological order. So, if they started with ABC company at the age of 18 and arenow, say, 38 years old and work for XYZ, chances are they will start their career history with ABC and list XYZ last.

This is a strict no-no because,to the prospective employer, your last jobprofile matters more than your first one. Few employers like to spend an hour on a CV searching for the last position held by the applicant.

This applies to educational qualifications too. A CV favours reverse chronological order. Stick to it.

“Most of the time, professionals writing their CV list their qualifications and their work experience in chronological order. The order should be reversed in order to bring the crux of the CV upfront,” says Guha.

Seth gives the example of a CV which started by listing work history that dated back to 1983 first and then went on to 2004. She had a tough time looking for the current job.

Hobbies should come towards the end, but shouldn’t be done away with. “They provide an insight into the applicant’s personality. These days, the emphasis is not only on your skills but also on your personality,” saysGuha.

Mistake 5: A CV-ful of jargon

Is your writing style is lucidly ex-pressionistic, highlighting the hidden angst of an existential life?

Wow! But what the heck does that mean? Even if your to-be-employer is SalmanRushdie, he wouldn’t want to spend time trying to understand what allthose big words and jargon add up to.

If you think your use of jargon indicates your knowledge of the industry,think again. Most of the times, the CV goes first to the HR department.They are the ones who choose if you are fit to be called for an interview.

Out of comprehension, out of mind. It’s that basic.

Nevertake some one for granted,Hold every person Close to your Heart becauseyou might wake up one day and realise that you have lost a diamondwhile you were too busy collecting stones.”

Remember this always in life.



Online DOCTOR - TOO Informative...HEALTH-GUIDE

This is an excellent program to know about the following diseases,basic causes , symptoms, treatments so on surely informative.

Try knowing about one or two of the following
then you will confirm it is useful.

This site is very informative, which ever diseases you click-upon (I wish you don’t have one),.... it gives you the video explanation !!!!
Interactive Sites on Medical Information

The tutorials listed below are interactive health education resources from the
Patient Education Institute . Using animated graphics, each tutorial explains the procedure or condition in easy-to-read and understand language. You can also listen to the tutorial.


These tutorials require a special Flash plug-in, version 6 or above... If you do not have this in your PC, you will be prompted to obtain a free download of the software before you start the tutorial.

Diseases and Conditions

· Acne
· Angina
· Asthma
· Burns
· Cold Sores (Herpes)
· COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
· Epstein Barr (Mononucleosis)
· Gout
· Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
· Lupus
· Warts
· Tests and Diagnostic Procedures
o CT Scan (CAT Scan)
o IVP (Intra Venous Pyelogram)
o Surgery and Treatment Procedures
§ Cholecystectomy - Open Laparoscopic (Gallbladder Removal Surgery)
§ TURP (Prostate Surgery)
§ Prevention and Wellness

Follow the mentioned tips to lead a healthy and a happy life.