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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pundlik Varade hari Vithal- Ashadhi Ekadashi

Pundalik Varade Hari Vithal ! 

 Pundlik Varade hari Vithal- Ashadhi Ekadashi

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Pundalik Varade Hari Vithal !


Friday, June 29, 2012


                         Many skin care products are filled with healthy antioxidants and other nutrients to keep your skin look younger, but they are not enough as our skin needs variety of vitamins from the inside.What are the most powerful vitamins for a younger, healthy skin? see the full post after the break… 


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Vitamin C plays a vital role in production of collagen, the basic protein in connective tissue. And it is known that decrease in collagen supply may lead to skin ageing, dry and rough skin. The best sources of vitamin C are fruits and berries, such as pineapples, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, as well as vegetables such as peppers, cabbage and others.
Vitamin E

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Vitamin E is another antioxidant that reduces the damage caused by free radicals They increase natural defense of your skin and prevent the damage. Vitamin E is found in nuts, sunflower oil, wholegrain products, eggs and many natural oils.

Vitamin A
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Vitamin A helps to repair your skin from damage caused by various factors, preventing the effect of free radicals, and keeping your skin moisturized. Keep in mind that vitamin A is fat-soluble and you should be careful not to overdose it since it can have toxic effect. The best way to avoid vitamin A toxicity is by consuming variety of healthy foods, such as carrots, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, apricots, cantaloupe, liver and eggs.

B vitamins
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The B vitamins are essential for cell functions, preventing premature ageing of the skin, dry and itchy skin. It is important to ensure the appropriate supply of B vitamins, eating a well-balanced diet that includes eggs, fortified grains, milk, chicken,

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Zinc is an important antioxidant that effectively protects your skin from free radicals damage. The lack of zinc may result in various skin problems, such as acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and others. To ensure the right zinc intake for healthy skin, eat whole grains, red meat, seeds, oysters, some beans and peas.

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Selenium benefits your skin and hair, contributing to cell growth and preventing skin cancer. This antioxidant can be found in Brazil nuts, turkey, cod, wheat flour, rice, chicken and tuna.

Omega-3 fatty acids
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Omega-3 fatty acids are important for younger, healthier skin. They strengthen cell membranes, providing more nutrients for your skin and protecting it from harmful things. Omega-3s also make your skin look softer, moister and prevent wrinkles. The good sources of Omaega-3 fatty acids are canola oil, flax seeds, salmon and walnuts.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pass this mail on to ALL - Letter from a Widow who is a Chartered Accountant

Pass this mail on to ALL - Letter from a Widow who is a Chartered Accountant

This a must read letter for all .
I have not seen a better way to explain need for inculcating financial discipline and having an estate plan in place. Do read… see where you stand yourself as an individual and then pass it on to all who your know… Here goes the letter.  Thank you .. for sharing, it’s appreciated…....****

Hello Friends,****

Few things I learnt after Mithun's death.****

We always believe we will live forever. Bad things always happen to others.
Only when things hit us bang on our head do we realise… Life is so
My husband was an IT guy. All techie. And I am a chartered accountant.
Awesome combination you may think.

Techie guy so everything is on his laptop.his to do list. his e-bill and
his bank statements in his email. . He even maintained a folder which said
IMPWDS. wherein he stored all login id and passwords for all his online
accounts. And even his laptop had a password. Techie guy so all the
passwords were alpha-numeric with a special character not an easy one to
crack. Office policy said passwords needed to be changed every 30 days.So
every time I accessed his laptop I would realise it’s a new password again.
I would simply opt for asking him ‘What’s the latest password’ instead of
taking the strain to memorise it.

You may think me being a Chartered Accountant would means everything is documented and filed properly. Alas many of my chartered accountant friends would agree that the precision we follow with our office documents and papers do not flow in to day to day home life. At office you have be
epitome of Reliability / Competent / Diligent etc but. at home front there
is always a tomorrow.

One fine morning my hubby expired in a bike accident on his way home from office.. He was just 33.His laptop with all his data crashed.everything on his hard disk wiped off.No folder of IMPWDS to refer back to.His mobile
with all the numbers on it was smashed.But that was just the beginning. I
realised I had lot to learn.

9 years married to one of the best human beings.with no kids.just the two
of us to fall back on..but now I stood all alone and lost.

Being chartered accountant helped in more ways than one but it was not
enough. I needed help.His saving bank accounts, his salary bank accounts
had no nominee.On his insurance his mom was the nominee and it was almost 2 years back she had expired. but this was just a start.. I didn’t know the password to his email account where all his e-bill came.I didn’t know which expenses he paid by standing instructions.

His office front too was not easy. His department had changed recently.I
didn’t know his reporting boss name to start with.when had he last claimed his shift allowance.his mobile reimbursement.

The house we bought with all the excitement.on a loan.thought with our
joint salary we could afford the EMI.when the home loans guys suggested
insurance on the loan.we decided the instead of paying the premium the
difference in the EMI on account of the insurance could be used pay towards prepayment of the loan and get the tenure down.We never thought what we would do if we have to live on a single salary.So now there was huge EMI to look into .

I realised I was in for a long haul.

Road accident case. so everywhere I needed a Death certificate, FIR report,
Post Mortem report. For everything there were forms running into
pages.indemnity bonds.notary.surety to stand up for you.No objections
certificates from your co-heirs..

I learnt other than your house, your land . your car, your bike are also
your property… So what if you are the joint owner of the don’t
become the owner just because your hubby is no more. So what if your hubby expired in the bike accident.and you are the nominee but if the bike is in a repairable condition .you have to get the bike transferred in your name to claim the insurance.And that was again not easy. the bike or car cannot be transferred in your name without going through a set of legal documents.

Getting a Succession Certificate is another battle all together.
Then came the time you realise now you have to start changing all the
bills, assets in your name.Your gas connection, electricity meter, your own
house, your car, your investments and all sundries. And then change all the nominations where your own investments are concerned.And again a start of a new set of paperwork.

To say I was whole life had just turned upside down was an
understatement.You realise you don’t have time to morn and grieve for the person with whom you spend the best years of your life. because you are busy sorting all the paper work.

I realised then how much I took life for granted.I thought being a
chartered accountant I am undergoing so many difficulties.what would have happened to someone who was house maker who wouldn’t understand this legal hotchpotch.

A sweet friend then told me dear this was not an have no kids.your assets will be for all who stand to claim.after my hubby’s sudden death.I realised it was time I took life more seriously. I now needed to make a Will. I would have laughed if a few months back if he had asked me to make one.But now life had taken a twist.

Lessons learnt this hard way were meant to be shared.After all why should
the people whom we love the most suffer after we are no more.Sorting some paperwork before we go will at least ease some of their grief.

1. Check all your nominations
It’s a usual practice to put a name (i.e in the first place if you have
mentioned it) and royally forget about it. Most of us have named our parent as a nominee for investments, bank accounts opened before marriage. We have not changed the same even years after they are no longer there with us.

Even your salary account usually has no nomination..
 Kindly check all your Nominations.
- Bank Accounts
- Fixed Deposits, NSC
- Bank Lockers
- Demat Accounts
- Insurance (Life, Bike or Car or Property)
- Investments
- PF & Pension Forms

2. Passwords..
We have passwords for practically everything. Email accounts, Bank
accounts, even for the laptop you use. What happens when your next in kin cannot access any of these simply because they do not know your password…Put it down on a paper.

3. Investments.
Every year for tax purpose we do investments. Do we maintain a excel sheet about it. If so is it on the same laptop of which the password you had not shared. Where are those physical investments hard copy.

4. Will.
Make a Will. I know you will smile even I would.had I not gone through all
what I did.It would have made my life lot easier.a lot less paperwork.I
wouldn’t had to provide an indemnity bond, get it notarised, ask surety to
stand up, no objections certificates from others…

5. Liabilities.
When you take a loan say for your house or car.Check out on all the what
ifs.what if I am not there tomorrow.what if I loose my job.Will the EMI
still be within my range.If not get an insurance on the loan.The people
left behind will not have to worry on something as basic as their own house.
My battles have just begun…But let us at least try and make few changes so that our loved ones would not suffer after we go.We do not know what will happen in the future.But as the Scout motto goes: “Be prepared”****


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Monday, June 25, 2012

Power of Positive Talk

Power of Positive Talk

I remember my dad teaching me the power of language at a very young age. Not only did my dad understand that specific words affect our mental pictures, but he understood words are a powerful programming factor in lifelong success.

One particularly interesting event occurred when I was eight. As a kid, I was always climbing trees, poles, and literally hanging around upside down from the rafters of our lake house. So, it came to no surprise for my dad to find me at the top of a 30-foot tree swinging back and forth. My little eight-year-old brain didn"t realize the tree could break or I could get hurt. I just thought it was fun to be up so high.

My older cousin, Tammy, was also in the same tree. She was hanging on the first big limb, about ten feet below me. Tammy"s mother also noticed us at the exact time my dad did. About that time a huge gust of wind came over the tree. I could hear the leaves start to rattle and the tree begin to sway. I remember my dad"s voice over the wind yell, "Bart, Hold on tightly." So I did. The next thing I know, I heard Tammy screaming at the top of her lungs laying flat on the ground. She had fallen out of the tree.

I scampered down the tree to safety. My dad later told me why she fell and I did not. Apparently, when Tammy"s mother felt the gust of wind, she yelled out, "Tammy, don"t fall!" And Tammy did… fall.

My dad then explained to me that the mind has a very difficult time processing a negative image. In fact, people who rely on internal pictures cannot see a negative at all. In order for Tammy to process the command of not falling, her nine-year-old brain had to first imagine falling, then try to tell the brain not to do what it just imagined. Whereas, my eight-year-old brainin stantly had an internal image of me hanging on tightly.

This concept is especially useful when you are attempting to break a habit or set a goal.You can"t visualize not doing something. The only way to properly visualize not doing something is to actually find a word for what you want to do and visualize that. For example, when I was thirteen years old, I played for my junior high school football team. I tried so hard to be good, but I just couldn"t get it together at that age. I remember hearing the words run through my head as I was running out for a pass, "Don"t drop it!" Naturally, I dropped the ball.

My coaches were not skilled enough to teach us proper "self-talk." They just thought some kids could catch and others couldn"t. I"ll never make it pro, but I"m now a pretty good Sunday afternoon football player, because all my internal dialogue is positive and encourages me to win. I wish my dad had coached me playing football instead of just climbing trees. I might have had a longer football career.

Here is a very easy demonstration to teach your kids and your friends the power of a toxic vocabulary. Ask them to hold a pen or pencil. Hand it to them. Now, follow my instructions carefully. Say to them, "Okay, try to drop the pencil." Observe what they do.

Most people release their hands and watch the pencil hit the floor. You respond, "You weren"t paying attention. I said TRY to drop the pencil. Now please do it again." Most people then pick up the pencil and pretend to be in excruciating pain while their hand tries but fails to drop the pencil.

The point is made.

If you tell your brain you will "give it a try," you are actually telling your brain to fail. I have a "no try" rule in my house and with everyone I interact with. Either people will do it or they won"t. Either they will be at the party or they won"t. I"m brutal when people attempt to lie to me by using the word try. Do they think I don"t know they are really telegraphing to the world they have no intention of doing it but they want me to give them brownie points for pretended effort? You will never hear the words "I"ll try" come out of my mouth unless I"m teaching this concept in a seminar.

If you "try" and do something, your unconscious mind has permission not to succeed. If I truly can"t make a decision I will tell the truth. "Sorry John. I"m not sure if I will be at your party or not. I"ve got an outstanding commitment. If that falls through, I will be here. Otherwise, I will not. Thanks for the invite."

People respect honesty. 

So remove the word "try" from your vocabulary.

My dad also told me that psychologists claim it takes seventeen positive statements to offset one negative statement. I have no idea if it is true, but the logic holds true. It might take up to seventeen compliments to offset the emotional damage of one harsh criticism.

These are concepts that are especially useful when raising children.

Ask yourself how many compliments you give yourself daily versus how many criticisms. Heck, I know you are talking to yourself all day long. We all have internal voices that give us direction.
So, are you giving yourself the 17:1 ratio or are you shortchanging yourself with toxic self-talk like, " I"m fat. Nobody will like me. I"ll try this diet. I"m not good enough. I"m so stupid. I"m broke, etc. etc."
If our parents can set a lifetime of programming with one wrong statement, imagine the kind of programming you are doing on a daily basis with your own internal dialogue. Here is a list of Toxic Vocabulary words.
Notice when you or other people use them.

ؠBut: Negates any words that are stated before it.ؠTry: Presupposes failure.

ؠIf: Presupposes that you may not.
Might: It does nothing definite. It leaves options for your listene
ؠWould Have: Past tense that draws attention to things that didn"t actually happen.
ؠShould Have: Past tense that draws attention to things that didn"t actually happen (and implies guilt.)
ؠCould Have: Past tense that draws attention to things that didn"t actually happen but the person tries to take credit as if it did happen.
ؠCan"t/Don"t: These words force the listener to focus on exactly the opposite of what you want. This is a classic mistake that parents and coaches make without knowing the damage of this linguistic error


Toxic phrase: "Don"t drop the ball!"
Likely result: Drops the ball
Better language: "Catch the ball!"

Toxic phrase: "You
shouldn"t watch so much television."
Likely result: Watches more television.
Better language: "I read too much television makes people stupid.
You might find yourself turning that TV off and picking up one of those books more often!"

Exercise: Take a moment to write down all the phrases you use on a daily basis or any Toxic self-talk that you have noticed yourself using. Write these phrases down so you will begin to catch yourself as they occur and change them.