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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Morning..................Idle Thoughts:)

Simply look at the simple flower...

Hanging with so much ease ,with its branch,

How long ,will it remain there..?

They are not bothered ,

As all the worries start ,ego come ,by bothering too much of our existence!

Yesterday,in a beautiful discussion with my fb Frnd,we happen to talk about appreciation,admire,

And In the simple ,humble probing,they asked me,are we not Attention Hungry,as we use the vibrant words:)

And ,it can always differ.

The Facebook wall ,the group,the photos ,pictures we share,are justa medium of being with the present,and feeling good to learn about similar thoughts, each day,we learn from similarity or differences....most with differences..The beauty of a conflict is ultimately,not in,what we judge about the matter,its how we can accept the conflicting thoughts that exist in the world & within:)

Dear friends ,i would suggest each among you to come forward and say something about the" _____________"Flower:)

As for me i name it Beauty at its simplest:):):)

Am unable to post on walls:) so dear frnds for some time ,wud try to click simply "like "button!

LOts of love to all Girls & boys :))))Take care and be open to any conflict within...though definitely not physical or mental abuse :))))