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Friday, September 21, 2012



A Woman was Admitted in Hospital as She was
Suffering from Brain Tumor..
His Son & Relatives were Around Her,
She Died within a few Hours..
His Son Cried the whole Day & Became Ill.
He Returned Home the Next Day; &
When He Opened His Moms Cupboard,
He found some Tablets kept in a Letter !!
In the Letter it was Written:
know U Catch Cold Easily after Crying.. :'(
No Other Person In This World CanTake Place Of Mom ♥

Monday, September 17, 2012

Crocodile Tears!

Crocodile Tears!

A Young Man Called Rama Swami Died An Untimely 


His Parents, Wife And Nine Year Old Son Were Crying 

Bitterly Sitting

Next To His Dead Body.

They All Happened To Be Disciples Of A Holy Man Whom They Called 'Maharaj Ji'. When Maharaj Ji Learnt That Rama Swami Had Died, He Came To Visit The Family. He Entered The House And Found The Family Wailing Inconsolably. Seeing Maharaj Ji, The wife Started Crying Even Louder.

She Sobbed Saying, "Maharaj Ji, He Has Died Too Early, He Was So Young... Oh! I Would Do Anything To Make Him Alive Again. What Will Happen To Our Son? I'm So Helpless And Miserable."

Maharaj Ji Tried To Pacify The Crying Lady And The Old Parents, 
But The Loss Was Too Much For Them To Come To Terms With So Easily.

Eventually, Maharaj Ji Said, "Alright, Get Me A Glass Of Water."
Maharaj Ji Sat Near The Dead Body And Put The Glass Next To It. He Said, "Now, Who Ever Wants That Rama Swami Should Become Alive Again May Drink This Water. Rama Swami Shall Come Back To Life, But The Person Who Drinks The Water Shall Die Instead!" 

"Come, Did You Not Say That Rama Swami Was The Sole Bread Winner Of The Family? Who Would die Instead Of Him? It Is A Case Of Fair Exchange, Isn't It?"

The Wife Looked At The Old Mother And The Old Mother Looked At The Wife.The Old Father Looked At Rama Swami's Son. But No One Came Forward...Then Maharaj Ji Said To The Old Father, "Babuji, Wouldn't You Give Your Life For Your Son?"

The Old Man Said, "Well, I Have My Responsibility Towards My Wife 
If I Die Who Will Look After Her? I Cannot Offer My Life To You."
Maharaj Ji Looked Questioningly At The Old Woman And Said, "Amma?"

Amma Said, "My Daughter Is Due To Deliver Her First Baby.
She Will Be Coming To Stay For A Month...If I Die Who Will Look After Her And The Newborn. Why Don't You Ask Rama Swami's Wife? 
Maharaj Ji Smiled And Looked At The Young Widow.
She Widened Her Tear Filled Eyes And Said, "Maharaj Ji, I Need To Live For My Son...If I Die, Who Will Look After Him? He Needs Me.
Please Don't Ask Me To Do This Sacrifice..

Maharaj Ji Asked The son, "Well Little Boy, Would You Like To Give 
Your Life For Your Father?" Before The Boy Could Say


His Mother Pulled Him To Her Breast And Said,..

"Maharaj Ji, Are You insane?.. My Son Is Only Nine. He Has Not Yet 
Lived His Life. How Could You Even Think Or Suggest

 Such A Thing?"

Maharaj Ji Said, "Well It Seems, That All Of You Are Very

 Much Needed 
For The Things You Need To Do In This World... 

It Seems Rama Swami Was The Only One That Could Be Spared...
That Is Why God Chose To Take Him Away.

So Shall We Now Proceed With His Last Rites?... It's Getting Late..
Having Said That, Maharaj Ji Got Up And Left.

Love Lasts As Long As Life Exists...

The Rest Is Only Memories Of Happy Times.! 

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Wishing u A Happy & ProsperousGanesh Chaturthi- 2012

Wishing  u  A Happy ProsperousGanesh Chaturthi- 2012

Shree Ganesha... 
Ganapati bappa Morya. !!!!!!!

Ohm Vighneswaraya Namah ! Vinayakaya Namah ! Ganapathaye Namah !
Gajamughaya Namah ! Parvati nandanaya Namah ! Mushika vahanaya Namah ! Kailasa Putraya Namah !

Om Shri Vigneshwaraya Namaha !

About Ganesh Chaturthi

   Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesh (Ganesha), the god of wisdom and prosperity on the fourth day of the moons bright fortnight, or period from new moon in the lunar month of Bhadrapada. The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi continue for five, seven, or ten days. Some even stretch it to twenty one days, but ten the most popularly celebrated. In the tradition of the right hand path the first day is the most important. In the left hand path tradition the final day is most important.
   Another tale tells of how one day the Gods decided to choose their leader and a race was to be held between the brothers- Kartikeya and Ganesh. Whoever took three rounds of the earth first would be made the Ganaadhipati or the leader. Kartikeya seated on a peacock as his vehicle, started off for the test. Ganesh was given a rat, which moved swiftly. Ganesh realised that the test was not easy, but he would not disobey his father. He reverently paid obeisance to his parents and went around them three times and thus completed the test before Kartikeya. He said, " my parents pervade the whole universe and going around them, is more than going round the earth." Everybody was pleasantly surprised to hear Ganesha's logic and intelligence and hence he came to be known as the Ganaadhipati or leader, now referred to as Ganpati.
   He looked up and saw the moon mocking him. Ganesha infuriated, broke off one of his tusks and hurled it at the moon. Parvati, seeing this, immediately cursed the moon that whoever looks at it on Ganesh Chaturthi will be accused of a wrong doing. The symbology behind the mouse and snake and Ganesha's big belly and its relationship to the moon on his birthday is highly philosophic. The whole cosmos is known to be the belly of Ganesha. Parvati is the primordial energy. The seven realms above, seven realms below and seven oceans, are inside the cosmic belly of Ganesha, held together by the cosmic energy (kundalini ) symbolized as a huge snake which Ganesha ties around Him. The mouse is nothing but our ego... Ganesha, using the mouse as a vehicle, exemplifies the need to control our ego. One who has controlled the ego has Ganesha consciousness or God-consciousness.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

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Om Ganesaya Namaha