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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wish you all HAPPY HOLI !!!!!

Wish you all HAPPY HOLI !!!!!



Tips for safe and eco-friendly Holi 


 Holi, a festival of colours, fun, joy and harmony will be celebrated this year on�7�th March. Over a period of time, a few unhealthy practices of using artificial colours and consuming �bhang� and �alcohol� have creeped in. The dream of an eco-friendly and non- hazardous Holi can be true only when every individual who participates in this festival, makes efforts from his/her side to protect the environment and to keep away from practices that spoils and harm�environment and local ecosystem.
Judicious Use Of Water:�In the current situation, when most cities in India are facing acute water scarcity, the wasteful use of water during Holi, is also being questioned. Thus recommend to play dry Holi with Gulal only.This will also save the risk of falling ill.
Avoid synthetic colours:�Prefer preparing eco-friendly natural colours at home; haldi concoction for yellow, beetroot concoction for red, and methi or neem concoction for green. In any case, organic colors are now easily available in the market. 
Smart use of Bonfire:Lighting of wooden pallets for the bonfire is a serious environmental issue. Would request you to lit one symbolic community bonfire, rather than burning individual bonfires across your locality as a way to reduce wood consumption. The other way is to lit bonfires by using waste material rather than wood.
Protect your eyes from attacks:Eyes are extremely vulnerable on Holi because of the use of harmful chemicals in colours these days. The chemicals can badly infect your eyes due to the toxic chemicals mixed with colours and can even cause blindness.
Avoid using plastic bags and balloons

Lot of people have a habit of throwing small plastic bags and balloons filled with water on each other. The remains of which create environmental pollution. Hitting each other with plastic bags and balloons during�Holi�can cause harm to some external organs. You should also stop other people from doing this.

Play Safe:�Don�t� play with someone if he/she is not willing to play and do not let others to be rude with you. The best option would be to play with natural colours.

Preparations before Holi Celebration:

Make sure that you apply ample quantity of cream on your face before and after playing with colours. Cover up the body to the maximum with synthetic garments so that they do not soak much water.
Oil your hair well, it will make it easy for you to get rid of the colour stuck in the hairs. Also it will limit the effect of chemicals to hairs.
Keep your lips tightly locked so that colours do not enter your mouth. Also protect your face from any possible attack on face.
Try to avoid going outside of your premises in the peak hours of the festival. This way you can prevent yourself from being engaged with rough friends.
During travel, keep the window of your car tightly closed, even if you dont have an AC car. Stay at a safe distance from the mob celebrating holi.
Take a bath with luke warm water after the Holi celebration is over. Avoid frequent washing of face and regular baths during the Holi celebration. It will ruin your skin with dryness.
Do not run and jump on wet floors as you may slip and pose the danger of bone fracture.
Avoid drinking of bhang and alcohol during festival. Do not drive when you are high on alcohol.
If you are asthmatic, take preventive doses in advance and keep S.O.S. inhalers [e.g. Astheline] handy. For such people, it is best to avoid playing Holi, if possible.
Keep anti-oxidants and other anti-allergic medicines ready for any accident or if you encounter any skin problem.

Happy Holi !!! 
May this Holi will fill all theCOLOURS in ur life......... 

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

GOOD MORNING.....Suprabhat... :)---- Anmol Vachan for the Day --------

When the world pushes you to your knees, you're in the perfect position to pray.
Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections .

Suprabhat... :)
               ---- Anmol Vachan  for the Day --------