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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Mail from a I.T professional who has undergone this incident





HEART ! - Must read
 Mail from a I.T professional who has undergone this incident
I wanted to share an incident of my life with you.
Dear colleagues,
·           I am working in Blore Software  City
·           I wanted to share an incident of my life with you, hoping that it may be an eye opener to you so that you can live more years.
·           On 27 th October afternoon I had severe heart attack symptom and I was rushed to the hospital.
Ø        Here I would thank my colleagues Krishna Reddy, Ajit, Rayalu and Arjun, w ho have saved my life by taking perfect decisions and helped me in all needs.  The Procedure that I have gone through was really expensive and I couldn't have made it with out Value Labs and Dr.Abdul karim's team.
Ø        After reaching to the hospital the doctors prescribed a test called angiogram. This test is basically to identify blood flow of heart arteries. When they finished the test they found a 94% block in the main artery, please see the image below with red circle.

Ø        At this point I wanted to share my living style which has caused this block in my heart arteries. Please see the below points of my life style, if any of these points are part of your life style then you are at risk, please change yourselves.
v        I was not doing any physical exercise for more than 10 years, not even walking 30 minutes a day for years.
v        My food timings are 11:00 AM Breakfast or no Breakfast,3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Lunch and dinner at 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  V     Sleeping in very odd timings, going to bed between 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM. Waking up at between 9:00 AM and 10:30AM Some times spending sleepless nights.
v        I used to eat heavily because of long gaps between lunch and dinner and I used to make sure that Non-Veg is available most of the time, there where times when I did survey on city hotels to find delicious Non-Veg dishesJ. I was never interested in vegetable and healthier food.
v        Above all I was chain smoker form years.
v        My father passed away due to heart problems, and the doctors say the heart problems are usually genetic.
Ø        Once they identified the major block they have done immediately a procedure called angioplasty along with 2 Stents, mean they will insert a foreign body into the heart arteries and open the blocked area of arteries. Please see the below image after the procedure.

Ø        I learnt form the doctors that 60% people will die before reaching the hospital, 20% people will die in the process of recovering form heart attack and only 20% will survive. In my case I was very lucky to be part of the last 20%.
*         Doctors instructions:
v        Need to have physical exercise for minimum of 45 minutes daily.
v        Eat your food at perfect timings, like how you eat during your school days. Eat in small quantities more times and have lot of vegetables and boiled food, try to avoid fry items and oily food. Fish is good than other non-vegetarian food.
v        Sleep for 8 hours a day, this count should complete before sun rising.
v        Stop smoking.
v        Genetic problems, we can not avoid but we can get away form it by having regular checkups.
v        Find a way to get relived from the stress (Yoga, Meditation . etc).
Ø        So I urge you all to please avoid getting into this situation, it is in your hands to turn the situation up side down, by just planning / changing your life style, by following simple  points above. Because life is wealth and GOD gives you life only once. I pray to GOD that no one should face this situation.
Wish you a healthier life.
So friends. this is the request to all please have above 6 points in ur life.. or be prepare with 2.60 LAKH RS for ANGIOPLASTY and that too with only 20% chance of living. if u are admitted within 5 minutes.
Follow the above mentioned tips to lead a healthy and a happy life.


Monday, May 25, 2015

The Truth about Coconut water=HEALTH=

The Truth about Coconut water
Inline image 1

COCONUT WATER 1. The best thing about this beverage is that it contains Zero Cholesterol. It contains minerals like Calcium, Manganese, İron, Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium and Potassium. It also contains vitamins like Riboflavin, Thiamine and Vitamin C . All these nutrients make coconut a very potent health drink. It is more nutritious than milk, as it has less fats and no cholesterol. 

2. Research studies suggest that Cytokinins (e.g., kinetin and trans-zeatin) in coconut water showed significant Anti-Carcinogen ic and Anti-Thrombotic and Anti-Ageing Effects. 

3. It is used as intravenous saline fluid in many developing countries and has saved many lives. The reason that it's possible to be used that way is its composition, which is quite identical to Human Blood Plasma. 

4. Coconut water, by its very nature is an İsotonic Beverage. That is, it has the perfect balance of electrolytes in it, which is good for our body due to its right PH Levels. 

5. It is an excellent Energy Drink for the old and the sick, who find it difficult to process solid food. It is a Natural Fluid designed to Sustain Life. Note: When my dogs are sick, I give them coconut drink. The dogs get well. 

6. It is better than many processed baby milk products, as it contains Lauric Acid which is an important ingredient of Mother's Milk. This natural beverage can effectively treat Disturbance of the İntestine in İnfants. 

7. Anti-Ulcer Properties: Both coconut milk and coconut water exhibit potent anti-ulcer activity against chemicals such as indomethacin, a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID). 

8. Blood-Pressuring Lowering Properties: When human subjects consumed coconut water for two weeks, it was found to lower blood pressure in 74% of the experimental group, reducing it by up to 24 points (mmHg) systolic and 15 points (mmHq) diastolic. 

9. Anti-Alzheimer’s Properties: in an animal model of ovariectomy-induced menopausal changes, coconut water appeared to prevent the decline of brain estrogen (estradiol) levels, as well as the associated accumulation of Alzheimer’s disease associated β-amyloid (Aβ) plaque in their brains. 

10. Anti-Bacterial Properties: Three novel antimicrobial peptides have been identified in coconut water which exhibited inhibitory activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. 

11. Anti-Gastroente ritis Agent : When sodium is added (ideally sea salt) coconut water has been determined to be an ideal rehydrating agent in countries where medical supplies are not freely available, and where, say, cholera and other severe forms of gastroenteritis persist. 

12. Ultimately, coconut makes for an excellent alternative to Sports Drinks, which are increasingly comprised of synthetic ingredients. 

13. Its water is also a very good source of B-Complex Vitamins such asRiboflavin, Niacin, Thiamin, Pyridoxine, and Folates. These vitamins are essential in the sense that body requires them from external sources to replenish. 

14. A few friends and colleagues' wives who are cancer sufferers testify that they take coconut drink to COOL their bodies after their chemotherapy sessions. 

NOTE: IF you buy Coconut water, please look at the ingredients ... should be 100% pure coconut water... nothing else ... no sugar, not anything else.


Good Morning

 Good Morning

 Why do we close our eyes
when we pray,
when we are overjoyed
and when we dream?
Because the most
beautiful things in
life are not seen
but to be realised.
Positive pictures come from
negatives developed in the dark.