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Sunday, February 5, 2012

= GOOD DAY==Problems faced by Children in today's world==


Sometimes we must be Hurt in order to Grow,  
 Sometimes we must Fail in order toKnow,
Sometimes we must Lose in order toGain,  
 Because some lessons in life are best learned through  PAIN....    

Problems faced by Children in today's world

Mom I don't feel like going to school today! My class teacher is punishing me in front of my classmates! - Jenni complained

Dad I don't like the color of the dress which you had bought for me! Yack even a beggar would not like this color! why did you purchase this one? - 
Timothy frowned 

Mom what is this you have prepared for lunch? This one is tasting putrid. - 
Trisha shook her head.

Jenni, Jemmy, Allan, Danny, Timothy, Trisha, Treya, Caren, Tanya, Tina, and you kids may be shouting like the above kids at home. Fighting with your parents for every trivial things. Do you know there are children in this world who are forbidden this freedom that you are enjoying in this world. Some of the common problems faced by the children of your age are given below:  
Literacy Forbidden:

Children are frequently denied their right to an education on equal terms with their peers. They are denied their right based on various factors. 
Children in conflict zones face tremendous dangers to reach schools in place where tension prevails.
Due to family situations, there are many children dropped out of the school in their early ages. 
Worldwide children are harassed as they either belong to different social group or differ in color or belong to different religion and thus are undermined their opportunities to learn. It causes them to drop out of schools resulting in psychological trauma, physical and metal stress and even to death. 

Terrorist groups recruit and some time compel children to fight for their cause as Child Soldiers. This is a common practice in some of the countries in the world. They are either abducted or forced to join as soldiers. Children from the age group of 8-18 are recruited for this. In some countries children in the age group of 7 - 12 are trained as Paramilitaries.  

Children of Third world countries are greatly affected by famine. Most of them suffer from Malnutrition and some are affected to the extreme level of starvation to death. Due to the economic conditions of these countries the availability of food is very less. Children in some of the under developed countries are attacked by chronic diseases and die due to lack of proper medical facilities to treat them.  
Refugee and Migrant:

Children who migrate along due to war or famine are prone to the risk of abuse when they are separated from their parents and caregivers. When they are left unsecured, they can't get food, shelter and clothes. They are branded as "ORPHANS" and their future turns out to be horrible.  
Child Labour:

Children are pledged for some amount to reduce the financial burden in some families. When their parents fail to clear the debts, the owners prison the children and put them as child labourers in their factories, shops or fields.  

In some families children are sent to work to earn the bread of the day for the family. Normally children are recruited everywhere. Be it a mill, newspaper distribution, mines, factories, hotels, etc., Some children are forced to rag picking, begging and smuggling.  

There is no product that has not been scented by the sweat of a child labourer.
Such kind of problems attack the normal physical, intellectual, emotional and moral development of a child. Children who are in the growing process can permanently distort or disable their bodies when they carry heavy stress and loads of suffering on them. Children are less resistant to diseases and suffer the most. 

Those children who suffer in their childhood are prone to become rogues, terrorists, thieves and anti-social elements. A child instead of becoming a good youth and further an element of making a good society takes the shape of the above.  

But you children, how much more are you privileged and blessed than the children who are caught in the above problems. You have good parents who give us good food, colorful clothes, beautiful home, high-class education, modern toys, and what not. Are we truthful to the Almighty God who provides everything to us through our parents?  

In Genesis 12:2, He says, "I will bless you and you shall be a blessing". Yes, God has blessed us because He wants us to bless others.

We are under the wings of the Almighty, so we are safe and sound. But let us think about the children who have never tasted happiness in their life in this world. Let us not grumble ourselves that we are forbidden with some trivial things for which we are adamant. Next time when you see any children suffering don't show faces but show them your love and affection. 

Let us understand the problems of the Children who suffer and let's uphold them in our prayers to turn their sufferings into joy. Our simple action could bring somewhere a change to somebody. Let's intercede for such kind of children to our Almighty God to make a better world tomorrow. 

Start each day with thanks to God
for the night of rest:
Then put your day in God's good hands,
for He alone knows the best.

No one knows when life will end, 
or what will come our way,
But we face the future full of hope when we put God first each day.


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