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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Never allow the thought - My ideas are only true

Never allow the thought -

 My ideas are only true

Reading The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna came across few lines of great potential. Some times just a line or few lines if they penetrate the heart brings about a great change in the way one lives and think.

One line from Sadguru Sai Baba, that has penetrated deeply in the writers heart is
“When you hurt anybody know that you are hurting Me !”

or the same thing retold in other words

“He who carps and cavils at others, pierces Me in the heart and injures Me, but he that suffers and endures, pleases Me most.”

This words have penetrated so beautifully by the divine love and grace of Sai Baba, that it is not even possible to think about injuring anybody or complaining even in the thoughts. i feel i would injure Baba”s heart by doing so. Even when treated with harshness by somebody, and thrown in deep pain, the complain or thought of injuring the one that has injured does not come, or stops immediately as it is about to enter.

Now Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsha”s words and how Sai Baba showed the same with action and not as a teaching. Rather it was a teaching with action that none present at that moment could forget.

Sri RamaKrishna : ” It is enough to believe that all is possible in God”s creation. Never allow the thought to cross your mind that your ideas are the only true ones, and that of those of others are false. Then God will explain everything.

Getting free from our ideas is very essential. Mostly with the matter with God, Sadgurusand devotion. If our ideas are more important it hampers our spiritual progress. Once we are free from the importance of our own ideas the God and Sadguru explains us or let us know everything. .


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