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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Daily Positive Thoughts: Love

Daily Positive Thoughts:  Love


Love blinds us to people's faults but hate blinds us to their virtues
Why do you suffer so much when things that you have brought so close to you are changed or lost?

It is because they are too close.

When someone damages your car and you suffer it is because you think you are the car! This is the deepest mistake. It is the deepest cause of the suffering called anger. You are not aware of this of course, but if you were to take a moment and see what you were doing
in your own mind, you would see you have brought the image of the car up on the screen of your mind. You have then gone into that image of the car in your mind, and you have lost your 'sense of self' in the image of the car. In effect you identify with the car. So if the car
outside is scratched or damaged in any way, it feels like it is happening to you and, as a result, you become disturbed.
 The disturbance is called anger. In spiritual terms this would be called attachment. Attachment is a mistake we all make within our consciousness and it creates what is known as ego. From a spiritual point of view, ego is the root of all suffering, and all suffering can
be found and felt at an emotional level in the various forms of fear, anger and sadness.
Soul Sustenance

Radiating Positive And Powerful Energy

You will notice many people in your life who are very much in need of love but they attract the opposite energy. This is because the negative energy of lack of love for the self and low self esteem which they continuously radiate causes them to attract that same negative energy from others. In the same way, there are many people who are very much in need of success but they attract failure repeatedly. Failure is directly related to the quality of energy we radiate i.e. how positive and powerful our expectations of success are. Once we set the goals that we wish to reach, we need to be careful that we move towards our aim without creating the negative energy of fear inside our consciousness. Failure appears when we make an effort to achieve those goals and we damage the result or attract failure without us desiring so, simply because of our fears of failure. Even then, if at that step we feel that we have failed, we need to have a positive and constructive attitude. 

We need to emerge the power to face and power of acceptance inside us. That way our creative energies will flow and we will carry on going forward without the failure (whether real or only perceived by us to be real but actually not real) becoming an obstacle in our path from doing so. Although at that time it may seem as though we have missed an opportunity or that some openings have closed for us, have faith and be fearless. If we are fearless and radiate positive and powerful energy, other possibilities will open up. We have this deep rooted belief that our fear will keep us safe, and we treat it like a comfort zone, a red signal that tells us that we should stop. Creating a time every day to do something that you fear, helps you to re-condition yourself internally to begin to see the fear as a green signal and to develop inner courage, so that you can move towards your goal of success. Each day, do what you fear and the fear will soon be removed. 
Message for the day 

The one who is accurate in every thought, word and deed is the one who becomes praise-worthy.
Projection: We do take care most of the times to see that our words and actions are not negative, but sometimes we are not as attentive with our thoughts. When there are waste thoughts we are not able to make even our words and actions right. 

Solution: Instead of making great efforts to change our actions and our words, we need to pay special attention to our thoughts. When our thoughts are right filled with good wishes for others as well as for the self, we find that they become accurate. And with this comes accuracy in our thoughts and actions too. 

Happy day....

"May you 
be Holy & sweet Yogi with Light & Might"

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