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Monday, July 22, 2013


om sairam
As You Walk With The Guru, You Walk In The Light Of 

Existence, Away From The Darkness Of Ignorance. 

You Leave Behind All The Problems Of Your Life And 

Move Towards The Peak Experiences Of Life.

Hindus attach paramount importance to spiritual 

gurus. Gurus are often equated with God and always 

regarded as a link between the individual and the 

Immortal. Just as the moon shines by reflecting the 

light of the sun, and glorifies it, all disciples can dazzle

 like the moon by gaining from their Gurus.

What is Guru Purnima?

The full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashad (July-

August) is observed as the auspicious day of Guru 

Purnima, a day sacred to the memory of the great

 sage Vyasa. All Hindus are indebted to this ancient 

saint who edited the four Vedas, wrote the 18 

Puranas, the Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavata. 

Guru Purnima is a day when we pay obeisance to the 

lifeline of this great, unbroken civilization of India -the

 guru-sisya-parampara or mentor-protege lineage.

India achieved excellence in every field of endeavor

 because of the Science of Self Management kept alive

 by the unbroken chain of teacher and student. The

 word ‘guru’ means ‘one who dispels darkness’. The

 guru removes the pandemic ignorance that is

 prevalent and gives us the light of knowledge.

 Knowledge of who we are, how to relate with the

 world and achieve true success. Most importantly

, how to transcend the world and reach the abode of 

infinite Bliss which is the hallmark of excellence.

Significance of Guru Purnima

On this day, all spiritual aspirants and devotees 

worship Vyasa in honor of his divine personage and all 

disciples perform a ‘puja’ of their respective spiritual

 preceptor or ‘Gurudevs’.

This day is of deep significance to the farmers, for it

 heralds the setting in of the much-needed rains, as 

the advent of cool showers usher in fresh life in the 

fields. It is a good time to begin your spiritual lessons.

Traditionally, spiritual seekers commence to intensify

 their spiritual ‘sadhana’ from this day.

The period ‘Chaturmas’ (“four months”) begins from

 this day. In the past, wandering spiritual masters and 

their disciples used to settle down at a place to study

 and discourse on the Brahma Sutras composed by

 Vyasa, and engage themselves in Vedantic 


Why worship Vyasa?

There are innumerable reasons to worship Vyasa. Few

 of them are –

• Divided Vedas into four parts.

• Author of Mahabharata which is considered as


• Author of “Bhagavadgita”,the greatest gift to the


• Regarded as the author of all eighteen Puranas and 

eighteen Upapuranas.

• Regarded as the author of the best and toughest

 Vedantic work “Brahma Sutras”.

• If we see his life in Mahabharata, everyone will

 surely recognize his super-natural powers also to get

 an assurance that he is an incarnation of God.

Qualifications of a Guru

A real Guru is a Srotriya and a Brahmanishtha, one 

who is learned in the scriptures and established in

 Brahman. He who is wise, desireless and sinless can 

be a true teacher and guide. The Guru, by virtue of his 

wisdom and capacity, draws towards himself the souls

 fit to be guided by him. When one feels that he is 


spontaneously drawn to a Mahapurusha whom he

 cannot help loving, admiring and serving, who is an

 embodiment of unruffled tranquillity, mercy and

 spiritual experience, such a great one can be taken as

 the Guru. A Guru is one in whom the disciple can find 

no defect and who serves as the ideal to be reached by

 the disciple. In short, the Guru is God in manifested

 form, and when Divinity is seen in a person, he can be

 chosen as the Guru. The relation between the Guru

 and the Sishya is genuine and unbreakable, even as

 that between God and man is. It is a natural law that

when a certain event has to take place in the universe,

 the conditions necessary for the same are brought 

about exactly at the proper time. When the disciple is

 ready to receive the higher Light, he is brought into

 contact with a suitable Guru by the Supreme 

om sairam

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