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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wonder of Banana Leaf. – Avoid plastic plates-cups-containers-covers

Now our humble banana leaf (while in South India):

banana leaf meal use banana leaf and avoid disposals
1. Low cost compared to other ‘disposable plastics.
2. Healthy to eat from as per Ayurveda
3. Clean and cleanable with sprinkling of water
4. As per our Acharas
5. It is itself food for cows and cattle after use by humans.
6. Will decay and disappear within a few days- becomes good organic fertiliser.
7. With one full leaf at least 3 to 7 persons can eat depending on the size and type of food.
8. Can always be regrown- endless supply.
9. Can be shaped as a cup- donnai for payasam etc.
10. Can be cut into any size as per requirements.
11. No need to use detergents to clean as it is simply thrown away.
12. Saves Water for washing and cleaning.
13. Helping poor farmers.
14. Daily eating on the floor with banana leaf avoids getting knee pains later in  our life.


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