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Friday, October 25, 2013

Mentoring Your Child

Mentoring Your Child

Read on to know how your child can find a friend for life.
The four roles of a mentor:
Recognition: Mentors are able to see a gift in each child. Itcould be sports, academics, theatre, music, dance, interpersonal skills,poetry, leadership qualities, anything. They go beyond the fade and recognise what makes the children truly special.

Encouragement: Rather than going down the beaten path of 'let's work on your weaknesses', they believe in highlighting and showcasing the child's strengths. So the artistic child gets to decorate the board, the drama queen gets to organise the skit, whereas the high-energy child manages the class.
Facilitating: Have you ever seen the Canadian game of Curling? In this game, heavy blocks of granite are pushed on ice, and the team whose stone reaches the target first is the winner. The most fascinating part of the game are the sweepers, who with immense skill and strategy
facilitate the speed and direction of the stone by clearing the pathway with their brooms. I believe, mentors are like these sweepers who can facilitate the blossoming of every child. They have the knack of sweeping away feelings of self-doubt, low self-worth and confusion with determination.

Stretching: Mentors get directly involved in the children's
lives. So from making time for the child, or connecting with the parents, they go beyond the typical role of a teacher. They are gently nudging the child to go an extra mile. From getting the math whiz in the class to enroll in Olympiad, to making the shy orator shine on stage, they encourage children to take the risk. And behind it all, is a deep faith. I like to think that a true mentor is like a prism. He captures the light in each child and turns it into a brilliant rainbow. That is the power of mentoring!

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