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Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Gudi Padwa& Happy Ugaadhi

Happy Gudi Padwa&Happy Ugaadhi

The True Birth Day of Universe
 Does the title seem "" Too far-fetched""? Fellow Indian [nay Bharatiya] friends,have we, the descendents of great sages[seientists],ever bothered to find the meaning of the followingSankalp Shloka which we recite before performing any pooja?
This gives us the time as on today (according to earth time frame) from the birht of the present universe!
  Let"s count it how! 
At the poles the earth has day and night of 6 months each. So the "north or south pole" day = 1 equator year.
And that 1pole-year (called as Divya Varsha) = 360 years (not 365, as lunar  month is of 30 days)
1200 Divya Varshas (1000+200sandhi)= 360 x 1200=4,32,000yrs.=Kali-yuga.

The start of a "Yuga" is marked by a conjuction of 7 heavenly bodies, viz.Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn., (The ones which affect the Earth atmosphere.)And this is proved by today"s astronomists.

European astronomist Belly says "According to astronomical calculations of Hindus, the present period of the Earth, Kali-yuga,commenced 3102 yrs. B. C. on 20th Feb at 2hrs. 27 mins. & 30 secs. They say a conjuction of 7 heavenly bodies,then took place;their tables(Panchang) shows it.,& is exactly confirmed by our own current tables." Now isn"t it astounding, the calculations are thousands of yrs. old !! (see Yajur-veda ..) And this happens at the begining of every "4,32,000yrs." period(yuga.)
Resuming our calculations, Kali = 1; So this conjuction occurs once.
Dwapar-yuga (dwa =2) has this conjuction twice,Treta(=3)yuga hasthrice  & Krita/Satya(=4)yuga has it 4 times. So also the no. of years in them are 2, 3,& 4, times that of Kali-yuga respectively.All "4 Yugas" added make a Maha-yuga..


71Maha-yugas(+9600 yuga-sandhis)=1 Manvantar (the current 7th one isnamed Vaivasvat).  14 such Manvantars =1000 Maha-yugas=1 Kalpa
(Shweta-waraha Kalp in this case) =1000x4,32,000=432 crore yrs.

Now isn"t it mind boggling even to imagine these figures !
The time taken by our Sun & planets (Surya-mandalto revolve around our galaxy Milky Way is 1 Manvantar.

All galaxies (named as Vishwadev) together form a circle calledParameshti-mandal, which revolves around Swyam-bhuv (meaning self-originated) Mandal  in one Kalp time.We say that the galaxies move around "Black Hole"(?) in today"s parlance.Swyam-bhuv ! ;how a very apt name for a "Black Hole"! in today"s parlance.Swyam-bhuv ! ;how very apt a name for a "Black Hole"! 
Universe personified as BRAHMA who has a lifespan of 100 yrs.;(1 Kalpa yrs.=12hours in BRAHMA"s time-frame.) Universe is born at  the begining of BRAHMA"s each day,( of Kalpa) & dissolves itself in to nothingness at night (of 1 Kalpa), only  to be Reborn again onBRAHMA"s next morning.

Now lets calculate the no.of yrs.passed, since our present Universe was born !
Till today 6 Manvantars are over (= 6 X ..           yrs.)( ?... see above )

Of the 7th Vaivasvat Manvantar, 27 Maha-yugas (add 27 X43,20,000yrs. ) are  also done.
Of the 28th Maha-yuga, Krita,(Satya)Treta, & Dwapar yugas are also over. The current 28th Kali-yugastarted 5108 years ago. on Feb 20th at 2 hrs 27 mins & 30 secs.,the Varsha Pratipada day, when the Sun and above mentioned planets were in conjunction.This has been verified by today"s astronomists.;It matches with today"s calculations about the years of existence of our galaxy & Universe  Hence for any astronomical calculations, reference point of starting of this 28th Kali-yuga is used, though not named so. (Due to our powerless & gut-less condition.) 
Our vital link (unblical cord) of Sanskrit knowledge being broken the
mental salvery of biased Western thought seems to have fouled our
blood, making us ingorant and indifferent to our ancient wisdom.Fellow Bharatiyas come lets take a vow / sankalp to understand "the above Sankalp" on this "Earth time-frame" Brith day of our present Unverse,"The Gudi Padwa" where the Sun is -in ----- Raashi and Moon in Chitra Raashi on full moon day.

The  Two thoughts of Gudi Padwa

Thought One 

It is believed that on "Gudi Padva" : 
  • The Universe was created by Brahma. 
  • Satyuga (The Age of Truth and Justice) began.
  • Shri Rama returned to Ayodhya victorious, after having killed Ravana.
  • This is one of the 3 and a half days in the Hindu Lunar calendar, whose every moment is considered auspicious. 
  • The festival is celebrated as Ugadi in  Karnataka. Seven, Nine or eleven haystacks are placed on a farmland and are  set alight.  The ashes are mixed while ploughing the farm. 
 Thought  Two

The "Gudi" consists of a wooden stick and a steel inverted copper or silver "loti" (jug) which symbolizes a flag post.

This flag-post in turn symbolizes the Victory of Shree Ram over the Demon King Ravana as a mark of triumph of good over evil. The Gudi also symbolizes Shree Ram"s triumphant entry into Ayodhya.

 The flag post also has a Spiritual significance.  The
inverted empty "loti" symbolizes the "empty" ego. The "inverted" loti, could mean an indication to look within (ourselves). 

The open sky stands for "Ones true free spirit" away from the confines of the world.

A bitter-sweet mixture of neem leaves, jaggery and jeera is consumed early in the morning.

The ladies dress in their traditional finery, purchase golden items, adorn their homes with orange flowers and jubilantly usher in peace and harmony on this day, their New Year"s


‘O Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu! Please enable me to absorb the elements of creation, fire and Sun present in the atmosphere. Let the Divine consciousness present in these elements be preserved constantly. Let the energy thus received, be used for my spiritual practice.’



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