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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Definitive Answer To 20 Of Your Biggest Health Questions

Definitive Answer To 20 Of Your Biggest Health Questions
That reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancers. 
But to get these healthy compounds, consumers should buy good-quality, fresh "extra-virgin" olive oil, which has the highest polyphenol content. Most commercially available olive oils have low levels of polyphenolsassociated with poor harvesting methods, improper storage, and heavy processing.

                   In 2006, the 
nation's chest physicians agreed that the majority of over-the-counter cough medicines don't actually work.

Sunbathers also need to apply a generous amount of sunscreen in order to get the full benefit of the SPF.

Than how hard you exercise. Running is a more efficient form of exercise, but not necessarily better for you. 
A six-year 
study published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology in April found that walking at a moderate pace and running produced similar health benefits, so long as the same amount of energy was expended.

This is what reportedly sickened more than 100 people at the Playboy Mansion back in 2011.
The preliminary report was later debunked
More recently, health studies have swung in favor of the caffeinated beverage.
This means that the Food and Drug Administration hastested the container to make sure no chemicals used to make the plastic leech into foods during microwaving.
more likely to be contaminated than water from your faucet because it is less well-regulated. 
Bottled water and tap water typically come from the same sources — natural springs, lakes, and aquifers.

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