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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Om sairam WHAT IS PAIN

 Om sairam

One day a devotee was thinking about Pains, Sorrows, Worries , Tensions in Human Life. Then she started thinking why human being will suffer and react more for these things. Why always she should suffer. Then she started thinking why should I suffer even though I am Praying god. She has lots and lots of questions Like this.
Then Sai gave the following reply:
“OH ! Child why you are thinking about all these things. Do u think all these human  problems  are pains for u.
 Do u know what is the real Pain, Sorrow, Worry, Tension?
She said No.
Then Sai gave the following reply:
The real pain is When this Jeevatma came to land from Paramatma it will suffer pain for entering into this human world. You should feel tensed when you are doing a mistake. You should be worried about you when you are not realizing God even though God is with you.
Do u know why you are suffering with all these things?
She said No
Then Sai gave the following reply:
Because I Love You. You are my Child, Close friend. A person will always play games with his dearest person. Like wise I am playing with you because you are very close to me.
Don’t think about problems. All these will divert your path from Divine path. Remember the following things

Sorrow and pain are caused desire.
The cure is to used the same desire, and turn it to God,  desire God.
 God is bound to you by the closest bonds of Love. God is the nearest, the dearest, the most loving, the most eager companion and kinsman for man”.
“Happiness will come in the same measure as your love for God. Immeasurable happiness can be obtained through loving God without limit”
 (Sharing with Sai Love) Ramnath

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