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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

!! Cut Stress In A Relationship !!

!! Cut Stress In A Relationship !!

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10 Ways to cut stress in a relationship

A Good communication and self management can remove the stress occurring in your married life. 

1. Prevention: If the stress comes from some factor outside your family, don't bring it home and unintentionally make your spouse share it.2. Self understanding: In moments of stress, you need to learn to control yourself. Evaluate your feelings and do not treat your spouse shabbily.3. Leave others alone: Staying away for a while from your spouse could be an effective way to prevent conflict from springing up. Make your spouse understand why you are maintaining a distance.4. Responsibility: Be conscious of your obligation to keep your relation in harmony. Don't let any stress damage the marital bond that has flourished so far.5. Stop worrying: Worries come when you anticipate something in the future while doing nothing about it. But have a plan B, it makes you ready and you find nothing to worry about.6. Do not stay still: When you are under pressure, the easiest thing to do is give up. But if you give up during hard times, it will haunt you for the rest of your life7. Self control: You should be able to take control of your emotions and once you do that you will automatically be able to control stress.8. Be flexible: You should be able to identify a situation and where it will lead to. When you know things will not go your way, try and be flexible.9. Go away: When you feel your relation is a little tense, it is best to take your mind off everything and do some activity that keeps you occupied.10. Ask others: Asking and consulting people once in a while for advice is not a bad option at all. Ask them how it was like when under stress and how was their feeling at that moment. That way you will know that they reacted and what they did.

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