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Monday, October 9, 2017

A Tribute to My Mother

Mothers are God's precious gifts from above
Taking young ones into the world with their wonderful love
To every mother who loves and cares for their children
May your world be filled with all the glory from heaven
M is for how mild you are
O is for how outstanding you are
T is for how thoughtful you are
H is for how humorous you are
E is for how exuberant you are
R is for how remarkable you are

And I say to my Mother
You're the best Mother a child could ever dream of
No one can replace the love you've given me
Nine months of labor could not have been easy
but you took me in the world with your splendor and your glory

You were the sunshine of my life
and the strength and vigor of my body
You are the best Mother there could ever be
and you are the most precious gift God gave to me

And though you're gone already, you'll always be the queen of my heart
And from your most memorable memories I will never depart
And the love you've given me will never be a boredom
Your sweetness goes on forever

Sometimes, I sit crying and no one knows why
But it's all the wonderful memories of you and the night you died
I manage to put up a smile and hide the truth
on every Mother's Day I wish you were here, so I could say "Mom, I love you"

To all the Mothers
And to all of you in the universe with a Mother in your life
Remind her how much you appreciate having her by your side
Hug her, kiss her, and tell her you love her especially on Mother's Day
Because when you lose that Mother you love so much
it will be a tough price to pay.

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