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Friday, December 8, 2017

Beauty of Earth...Mind Blowing

Beauty of Earth...Mind Blowing

Elephant Point
Elephant Point (themepost) by misstrixie

The Valley of Hands
Original used with permission - thanks jerrysense!

Salvador Dali Outdoor Sculpture Garden
(I already got consent for the inanimate thing from Eurydice.)

I was visiting the new Dali museum enjoying the sculpture and the dramatic backdrop with the rural fishermen and suddenly some pelicans were disturbed and flew towards me. I snapped this picture.

Croc Rock

"Hey Frank, something's fishy about that rock."

Croc island
This was fun to do.

Love In Turmoil
Please View Full

Original Image

Drinking animal
Isnt it cute?!

The famous Aphrodite's Rocks in Cyprus eventually grew tired of being a popular tourist attraction and decided to excavate themselves into obscurity.

Grandfather Mountain
Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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