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Friday, March 9, 2018

9 Tips for Staying Calm When Everyone Else Is Nervous!

1. Stop everything

tips for staying calm

2. Be tolerant

3. Be compassionate

tips for staying calm

4. Be kind and generous

5. Don’t take things to heart

6. Speak less and learn to appreciate silence

tips for staying calm

7. Start the day right

There is a phrase that says, "you made your bed now sleep in it," but what about the way we wake up in the morning? Does it have no effect on the course of the day? The answer is yes! The fast and busy life we have today makes us sleep less and become unnecessarily stressed. Many begin their daily routine from the moment they open their eyes by checking messages, emails and recent news update, unnecessarily stressing for someone else, and then wonder why they are angry and nervous. In order to make your day calm and peaceful, you must adapt to another way of waking up. Try to start the morning calmer, for example, sitting on your bed and taking three deep breaths, combined with 3 minutes of meditation. Doing this for 30 days, as a start, will give you the ability to start your day on the right foot.

8. Use healthy alternatives

9. Do as much good as possible

Safety... You will regret if you


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