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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wishing u A Happy & Prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi-

Wishing  u  A Happy Prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi- 
Shree Ganesha... 
Ganapati bappa Morya. !!!!!!!

Ohm Vighneswaraya Namah ! Vinayakaya Namah ! Ganapathaye Namah !
Gajamughaya Namah ! Parvati nandanaya Namah ! Mushika vahanaya Namah ! Kailasa Putraya Namah !

Om Shri Vigneshwaraya Namaha !

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha symbolizes

the ideals of perfection

 as conceived by Hindu sages

and illustrates concepts of

 profound spiritual significance. 

Elephant head, wide mouth, and large ears

The large head of an elephant

symbolizes wisdom, understanding,

 and a discriminating intellect

that one must possess to attain perfection in life.

The wide mouth represents the

natural human desire to enjoy life in the world.

 The large ears signify that a perfect person

 is the one who possesses a great capacity

to listen to others and assimilate ideas.

The trunk and two tusks
with the left tusk broken 

Just as an elephant"s trunk

 can uproot a tree and yet lift a needle

 from the ground.

the human mind must be strong enough to face

 the ups and downs of the external world

 and yet delicate enough to explore the subtle

realms of the inner world.

The two tusks denote the two aspects

 of the human personality, wisdom and emotion.

 The right tusk represents wisdom and the

left tusk represents emotion.

 The broken left tusk conveys the idea

that one must conquer emotions with

 wisdom to attain perfection. 

Elephant eyes

The elephant eyes are said to possess 

a natural deceptiveness that allow them

 to perceive objects to be bigger than

what they really are.

 Thus the elephant eyes symbolize the idea

that even if an individual gets

"bigger and bigger"

in wealth and wisdom, he should perceive others

 to be bigger than himself; that is,

surrender one"s pride and attain humility. 

The four arms and various
objects in the four hands

The four arms indicate that the Lord

is omnipresent and omnipotent.

The left side of the body symbolizes emotion

and the right side symbolizes reason.

An axe in the upper left hand and a lotus in

 the upper right hand signify that in order

 to attain spiritual perfection,

 one should cut worldly attachments and

 conquer emotions....

This enables one to live in the world without

being affected by earthly temptations,

 just as a lotus remains in water but is not affected

by it. A tray of Laddus (a popular snack) near

the Lord denotes that He bestows wealth and prosperity upon His devotees.

The lower right hand is shown in a blessing

pose, which signifies that Ganesha always

blesses His devotees. 

A human body with a big belly

The human body possesses a human heart,

which is a symbol of kindness and compassion

towards all.

 Ganesha"s body is usually portrayed wearing

red and yellow clothes.

 Yellow symbolizes purity,

peace and truthfulness.

Red symbolizes  activity in the world.

These are the qualities of a perfect person who

 perforrns all duties in the world,

 with purity, peace, and truthfulness.

The big belly signifies that a perfect individual

must have a large capacity to face

 all pleasant and unpleasant experiences of the world. 

A mouse sitting near the feet
 of Ganesha and gazing
at the tray of Laddus:

A mouse symbolizes the ego that can nibble all that

is good and noble in a person.

 A mouse sitting near the feet of Ganesha

 indicates that a perfect person is one

who has conquered his (or her) ego.

 A mouse gazing at the Laddus, but not consuming them,

denotes that a purified or controlled ego can live in the

world without being affected by the worldly temptations.

 The mouse is also the vehicle of Ganesha,

signifying that one must control ego

in order for wisdom to shine forth. 

Right foot dangling
over the left foot 

The left side of the body symbolizes emotion and

the right side symbolizes reason and knowledge.

 The right foot dangling over the left foot illustrates that

 in order to live a successful life one should utilize

 knowledge and reason to overcome emotions. 

Om Ganesaya Namaha


Sumukachaikadhanthacha kapilo gajakarnaka:
Lambodharascha vikato vignanasho ganaathipa:
Dhoomrakethur ganathyacho baalachandro gajaananaha:
Dhvaadhasaithaani naamani ya: patethchrunuyaathapi

Vidyaarambe vivaahe cha pravese nirgame thathaa
Sankraame sankatechaiva vignasthasya na jaayathe. 

Sathathmaroopam sakalaathi bhootham
Amaayinam sohamachinthya bhotham
Anadhi madhyantha viheenamekam
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Anantha chithroopamayam ganesam
hyabedha bhedhadhi vihinamaadhyam

hrudhi prakaashasya dharam swadheestham
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Vishvaathi bhootham hrudhiyoginam vai
Prathyacharoopena vibhanthamekam
Sadhaa niraalambha samaadhigamyam
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Swabimbhabhaavena vilasayuktham
Bindhuswaroopaa rachithaasvamaayaa
Thasyaam swaveeryam pradhadhaathi yovai
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Thvadheeya veeryena samastha bhootha
Maayaathayaasam rachithancha vishvam

Naadhathmakam hyaathmathayaa pratheetham
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Thvadheeya saththa dharameka madhyam
Ganesamekam thrayabhodhithaaram
Sevantha apoorvamayam thrisamsthaa
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Thathasthvayaa preritha evanadha:
Thenedhamevam rachitham jagathvai
Aanantha roopam samabhaava samstham
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Thadhevaviswam krupayaa thavaiva
Sambhoothamadhyam thamasaa vibhaatham

Aneka roopam hyajameka bhootham
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Thathasthvayaa preritha mevathena
Srushtam sushooshmam jagadheka samstham
Sathvathmakam svethamananthamaadhyam
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Thvatheva svapnam thapasaa ganesa
Samsidhdhi roopam vividham bhabhoova
Sadheka roopam krupayaa thavaapi
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Sampreritham thacha thvaya hrudhistham
Thathaa sudhrushtam jagadhamsaroopam

Thenaiva jagranmaya prameyam
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Jagrathsvaroopam rajasa vibhatham
Vilokitham thath krupaya thadhaiva
Thadhaavibhinnam bhavadheka roopam
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Evancha srushtvaa prakrithisvabhaavath
Thadhantharethvancha vibhasi nithyam
Budhdhi pradhaathaa gana naatha eka:
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Thvadhaakjayaa bhaani grahacha sarve
Nakshatra roopani vibhaanthi ke vai

Aadhara heenaani thvayaa dhruthani
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Thvadhaakjayaa shrushtikaro vidhathaa
Thvadhaakjayaa paalaka eva vishnu:
Thvadhaakjayaa samhara ko haropi
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Yadhaakjayaa bhoorjala madhya samsthaa
Yadhaakjayaapa: pravahanthi nadhya:
Seemaam sadha rakshadhi vai samudhra:
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Yadhaakjayaa dhevagano dhivisdho
Dhadhaathi vai karma palaani nithyam

Yadhaakjayaa shailaganochalo vai
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Yadhaakjayaa sesha iladharovai
Yadhaakjayaa mohakarascha kaama:
Yadhaakjayaa kaaladharoryamaacha
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Yadhaakjayaa vaathi vibhaathi vayu:
Yadhaakjayaagnir jadarathi samstham
Yadhaakjayaavai sacharaacharan cha
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Sarvaanthare samasthithameka gootam
Yadhaakjayaa sarvamitham vibhaathi

Anantha roopam hrudhi bhothakam vai
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Yamyogino yoga balena saadhyam
Kurvanthi tham kasthavanena sthouthi
Atha: pramaanena susidhdhi dhosthu
Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama:

Om Ganesaya Namaha

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