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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

World Vegetarian Day 1 October 2013

I'm willing to hedge a bet!
you'll love veggies by the end of
World Vegetarian Day
1 October 2013

World Vegetarian Day is here to encourage you in a new way of living - or to ask you to help raise

 awareness to the vegetarian lifestyle if you're already meat-free!   Paul McCartney became a

 vegetarian after meeting his late wife Linda and has been very into encouraging others to try doing

 the same.

So what's so great about going Vegetarian?   Well, first of all you're saving animals from the misery

 and pain of being killed for our benefit. This diet also reduces the risk of and protects us from

 conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

What's more?   The choice to avoid meat will have great environmental benefits in the long run.  Our

 ecosystems will be preserved and greenhouse gases will decrease.   Focusing on crops as our source

 of food will also help to feed more of the hungrier people in the world.

So how do you go about becoming a vegetarian and adopting vegetarian diets?   Well take

 the vegetarian pledge.  You could host a vegetarian film screening and provide snacks.   People like to

 stick to what they know so doing it this way will inform but also be a lot of fun.   The appeal is much

 more likely to work this way!

And do you know what else?   Even non-veggies are welcome!  Of course you have to agree to try out

 the vegetarian way of living for the day.   If you're going into a restaurant try a meat-free option.   Or

 even better ... host your own vegetarian dinner party!

You can invite friends, family, co-workers and show them all what they're missing - not meat, but some

 delicious meat-free recipes!   As you go along drop in some titbits of information about how you made

 the meal - perhaps even give them recipes away so they're encouraged to try them out for


Vegetarian or not, if you want to get involved why not start by putting up colourful posters to advertise

 local events around your community on the run-up to World Vegetarian Day.   You could also write a

 letter to your local newspaper and radio show asking them to publicise and broadcast the events

 taking place.

So go on, try something new this World Vegetarian Day!


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