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Thursday, January 15, 2015

<><>Good Morning<><>

<><>Good Morning<><>

  Temper is what gets most
of us into trouble.
Pride is what keeps us there.

There is a popular story about greed from Sufi literature. The king was walking around town when a beggar asked him for alms. The king asked him to go away saying: “Please do not disturb my peace of mind.” The beggar laughed heartily. Then he explained: “Oh, king! If your peace of mind is in pieces, then it is no peace at all.”
The king then realized that the beggar was actually a sage. At once, the king bowed to the sage and said: “Oh, sage. Please ask what you want and I shall give it to you.”
The sage laughed again: “Do not promise something that you cannot give.”
At this the king was annoyed. He stopped his rounds abruptly and took the sage to his palace. The sage showed the begging bowl and said: “Alright. Fill this bowl with gold coins.”
The king smiled and beckoned for gold. His attendant brought a plateful of gold coins. As the king put them into the bowl, the bowl seemed to swallow them up. Even when all the gold coins from the kingdom’s treasury were poured into the bowl, it was not full. Finally, the king was humbled and fell at the feet of the sage.
At that time, the sage said: “Oh, king! This begging bowl cannot be filled by anyone. Not just you; even the richest of the rich cannot fill this. This is not an ordinary begging bowl. This is the skull of the man who had lived and died with a lot of greed.”
Stop your frustration; do not look at your neighbor with envy. Start to live by fulfilling your needs well within your means. More than half the quarrels in your family would disappear. You too can climb the peak of happiness.
On no count, should permit relatives, friends and others to induce or tempt your family with greed. Greed is something that we should be wary of, in all walks of life
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