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Thursday, January 19, 2012



Tips to prevent nausea and morning sickness
  • Eat more often but smaller amounts. Try not to go more than four hours between eating.

  • Get out of bed slowly

  • Keep biscuits handy to eat before getting out of bed

  • Avoid large meals

  • Rest as much as you can as feeling tiredness makes the feeling worse

  • Try to avoid smells and food that make you feel worse

  • Clean, lemony smells may make you feel better

  • Avoid eating spicy or fatty foods

  • Try to wear loose clothes that don't put pressure on your stomach

Tips to prevent heartburn
  • Try putting a pillow between your knees to help ease the strain on hips and knees.

  • Decrease your fluid intake in the evenings (but not during the day) and avoid caffeine to avoid heartburn.

  • Eat little and often. Drink milk or herbal teas with chamomile or fennel after eating.

  • Also eat peppermints after eating.
Travel tips
  • The second trimester is the best time to travel. At this time, you are probably over the sick and nauseous feelings of the first trimester. The miscarriage risk is also minimum at this time.

  • On the road or in the air, avoid sitting for extended periods of time, try to walk around at least every hour or two. On a plane or train, even a trip up and down the aisles can help get your circulation going. Also make frequent trips to the toilet.

  • Carry light snacks so that you do not go without food for long periods of time. Keep munching a carrot, an apple or a sandwich every hour or so.

  • In the sultry heat of India, keep water handy all the time ot prevent dehydration and cramping.

  • Use travel sickness bands - these work by massaging your pressure points.

  • If you suffer with piles during pregnancy ice packs covered with a soft cloth on the area can provide relief.

  • To relieve backache, place a warm hot water bottle on the relevant area. Press your spine against a wall and keep in that position for a few seconds.

  • For cramps, gentle exercise will help - swimming is particularly good. Raise your feet on a pillow when lying in bed.

Pain relief during labour
  • Having your back rubbed during labour helps with the pain.

  • When you are in labour, try and walk around or at least stay in an upright position for as long as possible. This speeds up the process.

  • Squatting, hands and knees or standing during delivery increases the pelvis size by over 30% giving you a faster, easier and safer delivery.

  • Eating and drinking fluids during labour is the best natural remedy for labour pain.

  • You can help your baby move into the optimal position for birth in your third trimester by making sure that your knees are lower than your hips when driving, sitting or relaxing.

Follow the above mentioned tips to lead a healthy and a happy life.

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