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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A to Z of life explained

 A to Z of Life Explained!
Life is an ADVENTURE, Dare it.

Life is a BEAUTY, Worship it.

Life is a CHALLENGE, Meet it.

Life is a DREAM, Realize it.

Life is  ENDURANCE, Cope with it.

Life is  FRAGRANCE, Smell it.

Life is a GAME, Play it.

Life is HEAVEN, Make it.

Life is an INITIATIVE, Take it.

Life is a JOURNEY, Complete it.

Life is KEROSINE, Burn it.

Life is LOVE, Enjoy it.

Life is a MYSTERY, Unfold it.

Life is a NAME, Find it.

Life is an OPPORTUNITY, Catch it.

Life is a PROMISE, Fulfil it.

Life is a QUESTION, Answer it.

Life is a R EALITY,  Face it.

Life is a S ONG, Sing it.

Life is T IME, Utilize it.

Life is an URGE, Satisfy it.

Life is a VOICE, Listen to it.

Life is WEALTH, Acquire it.

Life is X ? Solve it.

Life is a YEARNING, Go after it.

Life is ZENITH, Attain it.

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